RobustWealth Makes a Splash in the Local Press

RobustWealth NJ Tech Wealth Management

RobustWealth recently made a splash in the local press having been featured in the New Hope Free Press, Bucks County Herald as well as NJ Tech Weekly.

The New Hope Free Press article, titled “Lambertville Tech Company RobustWealth Showing Strong Momentum” showcases RobustWealth’s offerings and our rapid growth as well as why our Founder, Mike Kerins, CFA, FRM chose to open shop in Lambertville. The articles features our teams love for the town quoting Mike saying “I love the people, love the town, and traded my two-hour commute to New York City for a walk down the block. Many of our employees also live in or around the area. We bring lunch into the office daily, always from local New Hope or Lambertville restaurants (especially More Than Q BBQ), and joke that we run on Rojo’s coffee.” To learn more about RobustWealth and why we love our hometown click here.

The Bucks County Herald recently featured our new partnership with Apex Clearing in their Noteworthy section. The quick write up featuring the wrap fee pricing on Apex which includes trading of ETFs, mutual funds & stocks also mentions the features Advisors have come to expect including rapid account linking, bank transfer and simplified back office features. You can catch the entire write up here on page 38.

The third recent article features an interview between Founder, Mike Kerins, CFA, FRM and NJ Tech Weekly reporter Esther Surden. The interview questions Mike on what sets us apart from our competitors and dives into our development efforts. Mike explains that 90% of our platform development is done in our Lambertville office. Many ideas for our product features are driven from our awesome relationship with our Advisor clients. Mike explains that our sales processes is much like that of Salesforce. We don’t just sell our platform to sell it, we work with our Advisor clients to make sure that our platform will be the perfect match for their business needs. They also discuss the pros and cons of working in New Jersey, especially Lambertville. Mike shares his love for our town while making a call-to-action with local universities who he says, should work to partner university career departments with local businesses. You can read the entire interview here.

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