How Will Roboadvisors Evolve Overtime? CEO, Rick Frisbie Featured in Financial IT

Our CEO, Rick Frisbie authored an article for Financial IT about what the future holds for roboadvisors and digital wealth managers, an industry he says is still in its infancy. The article, titled “How Will Roboadvisors Evolve Overtime?” discusses the features that are key to ‘staying in the game’ now and what features we have to look forward to.

The four things that Rick highlights to look forward to in this evolution are:

  1. Algorithms will get more complex and sophisticated.
  2. New players will enter the space.
  3. Roboadvisors will invest in less-correlated assets.
  4. Robos will take advantage of the cloud revolution.

He writes that the “Tesla era” for robos is a ways off in the future. Right now, we’re still in the Model-T era, he argues.

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